Winter Is Coming! (Block Lotto for November & December 2022)

Winter is Coming! The Holidays are coming!  Does anyone else also have a relatively long list of things to make for loved ones in the next couple of months?  In addition to making a bunch of gifts, I’m committing to buying gifts from small/local businesses and/or businesses that are considerate of Mother Nature.  I love this time of year!

For me, starting now until about December 18th, I will be very busy making gifts (holiday gifts and birthday gifts) for various friends and family.  Anyone else relate to this?  Then, end of December and early January, I will have lots more time for personal/fun sewing…. SEW!: For this next block lotto you will have TWO months. We will draw the winner for these block lotto blocks at January’s Mad Mod Quilt Guild meeting on Thursday, January 12th! 

Since it will officially be WINTER the next time we draw for the Block Lotto, lets make this cute and fun Winter Frost Starflake block written by Jen Daly from Moda. 


Starflake Block Fabric Parameters:

Make your snowflake BLUE, with White background… OR, make your snowflake WHITE, with BLUE background!  Stick with blues and whites (solids or patterns… just make sure the fabrics read blue or white).  The “white” can be white, off white, ivory…. And the “blue” can be light blue, medium blue, dark blue….

You can see in the example that I made, I used WHITE for my background and BLUE for my snowflake fabric.  This was a super fun block to make! It is a bit of a challenge, but a rewarding challenge. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS … really helpful if you have consistent 1/4” inseams 😉