Don’t stop be-LEAF-ing! October 2022 Block Lotto

Since we don’t have a MMQG meeting in September due to the Great Wisconsin Quilt Show, the next block lotto drawing will be at our October meeting on Thursday 10/13.  

So here we are: fall is just around the corner. To honor and celebrate Fall 2022, this block lotto we are going to make a leaf block designed by Amy Smart – Diary of a Quilter (12” block!).  The colors for this block will be a background color of cream/ivory/off-white (solid or low-volume fabric), and a fall color of your choice for the leaf.  What are fall colors?  Well, I would say they are red, purple, orange, and yellow! But some fall leaves are brown… some leaves haven’t changed color yet and are green…. So basically, make your leaf block(s) whatever color speaks “Fall” to you! (Keep the background cream/ivory/off-white).  

Instructions HERE

Fabric Colors:

  • Leaf Color: Red, Purple, Orange, and/or Yellow (or Brown. or Green! What color are your leaves?)
  • Background Color: Cream, Ivory, or Off-White (solid or low-volume)

This block is both traditional and modern.  For block lotto, we’re going to make the 12”x12” size, but you’ll see that the designer has measurements for a couple of additional sizes available as well (in case you’re feeling inspired to do a project for yourself). And good news: I have emailed back and forth with the designer Amy Smart and have her permission in advance, so theoretically this block/link won’t disappear on us in a couple of weeks 🤞😬.

I really enjoyed making this block.  It took me right about 40 minutes start-to-finish to make one 12”x12” block.  This Robert Kaufman fabric I found in my stash is perfect for the Leaf Block! 🍁

Happy Sewing!