ADDENDUM!: New Block/Link for: August 2022 Block Lotto: Monochromatic Pinwheels!

Monochromatic Light and Dark Pinwheel Blocks to be more specific! We are in the thick of Summer Fun! So for block lotto this month, I’ve decided on something that is quick and fun, so you can still participate in block lotto without spending too much time making your block(s).

For these blocks, CONTRAST is the key. Choose two fabrics OF THE SAME COLOR: one light fabric and one dark fabric. This will create a nice contrast in the Pinwheel Block.

ADDENDUM: Sorry for the trouble quilting friends: the original link I used stopped working and it is not legal for me to post a screen shot, so we’re switching it up a bit! I have a new link. Now the finished block size will be 7.5” (before it was a 7” finished block…. So for anyone who already made blocks from the original post: sorry about that!). We’re still going for the monochromatic light and dark when choosing your two fabrics. Now the unfinished pinwheel block will be 8” (finished size of 7.5”)

For a finished 7 1/2 inch Pinwheel block, cut two 4 5/8 inch squares of each fabric (for example: two 4-5/8” squares of dark orange and two 4-5/8” squares of light orange).

Website to block instructions HERE

Monochromatic: containing or using only one color (for example: light green and dark green)

Contrast: differ strikingly

HST: half square triangle

1 pinwheel block = 1 block lotto entry