Annnnnnd We’re Back!!!

Well it has been a HOT minute since we had a block lotto, but I am happy to report we are back on track. These last few months have been a challenge for many of us. There’s a lot going on right now, but in the midst of all the chaos and change I am finding that I keep going back to my constants and the things that I can control. Sewing and quilting are two things that I can do always, and I am a part of this amazing community of creative people who just keep on quilting. Thank you for your continued contributions and sharing your creativity with one another.

Speaking of contributions! A big shout out goes to Cathy Birkholz for this block of the month. It’s the perfect introduction to foundation paper piecing and a nice reminder of the relaxing and healing effects of water.

Personally, I have never worked with foundation paper piecing so I am really looking forward to learning something new. She has put together a really nice set of instructions with link to some tutorials which you can download.

So thanks again for your patience, and I’m sure you found something to work on in the meantime. I have already started working on September’s block, and I’m already thinking about something spooky for October! It feels good to be back, and I’ll see you in the meetings.