Happy lack of Fall everyone! We hope that the onslaught of winter weather has forced you into your sewing cave and that you are already hibernating amongst your multiple UFOs.

Sign up here for November’s Meeting on Thursday, November 14th. Our theme is “Explore Your Creativity!” headed by Briana Stapleton Welch. Brianna will facilitate various stations focused on different activities to explore creativity, inspired by different artists, writers and makers. Bring your curiosity.

Plus we will hold the Elections for our new board members!
Tara Curtis will be collecting items for our Second Annual Extravagant Fundraiser to be held during our December meeting. Please bring any craft related items you wish to donate to Tara. You can also drop your donation items off at Blue Bar Quilts prior to Dec. 1.

Items to consider for donation: fabric, baskets, sewing notions, books, kits, quilt tops, or any other art or craft related option.

The lovely Dustin has already posted the link for the Block Lotto for November. This month we are swapping pot holders. See the link for more information. What a great idea!! Please remember to bring your pot holders to the meeting.