Get a Grip!!!

Pot holders…an essential tool for any cook, but sometimes not the loveliest thing in our kitchen. Sauces splatter, pies go over and sometimes more than the toast gets burned.

With the holidays approaching, I thought it would be fun to make something practical to use for the next holiday feast, or a fun last minute hostess gift and then SWAP with another member of the guild. Your pot holders can be themed for the holidays, your favorite colors and a great way to repurpose an oprhan block or two! And if you have a favorite recipe feel free to attach that too!!!

Here are some links to a some great tutorials on how to make pot holders. Some are easier and some are a little more complex, but these were three of my favorites. The only specialty item you might need to run out and buy is Insulbright or another insulated batting for this type of project. However, some batting and a layer of an old towel or two…depending on thickness, will work too and is a great way to upcycle a textile!

Click on the link for each of the different pot holder tutorials. When you bring your pot holder to the meeting, I am going to have you turn it in at the beginning, and it will be assigned a number, and that same number will go in a hat. When it’s time, we will have all participants draw a number and pick up their pot holder!