June block lotto – juicy Ohio Star

diagram of the traditional Ohio Star block

For the June 2018 block lotto, we’re doing a traditional Ohio Star block that finishes 10.5″ (11″ unfinished).

I have a collection of 5″ charm squares I want to use, and those pre-cuts work well for this size: each block element (just squares and hourglasses) will need to be trimmed to 4″ before assembly to make the correct finished size block.

There are a million tutorials on Ohio Star blocks, but the Missouri Star Quilting Co.’s video on YouTube uses these same measurements, even.

Here is the color scheme for this month – think JUICY!

Hot Pink, Tangelo, Coral, Yellow

You may add whites/lights as you wish. You can color the block however you like, such as 2-color, 3-color, full scrappy, color on a light background, light with a color in the background, etc. Prints and solids are all happily accepted as equals.

Contact Trish F if you have questions, and I can’t wait to see your blocks at the June 14, 2018 meeting!