May 2018 Meeting Recap

Happy Spring everyone!  

Here’s what you missed at the May MMQG Meeting:

There are some exciting things happening in our community.

First, hopefully you have seen the email from our President, Dayna.  If not, here is a recap: We are doing a 3-way modern quilted postcard swap with the Denver Metro MQG and the Salt Lake MQG.



In short, you will make and send 2 postcards and receive 2 postcards.

You can find details and sign up here.

Right now, we are limited to 20 people, but if the other guilds end up having more than 20 participants, more spaces will open up.

What a great opportunity to make connections outside of our Madison community.

Second, Wendy Franczak gave us a recap of the 2018 Modern Stitching Affair (MSA).  Lots of fun was had by all that were able to attend.  Thank you to all the sponsors.  Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements regarding the MSA 2019 tickets.  Rumor has it that the teaching line up might include Violet Craft and Natalie Santini.  You do not want to miss the opportunity to learn from these wonderful ladies and to get to know other sewists from our community and beyond.

Reminders for June Meeting:

In June we will be learning the art of fabric selection from Gail Boyd of Blue Bar Quilts.  If you have a challenging… dare I say “ugly” fabric that is sitting in your stash, drop it off at Blue Bar prior to June 10th.  Gail will be using these fabrics to walk us through her fabric selection process.  BBQ will be donating gift cards to the raffle prizes, so 4 people who brought challenge fabric could have the opportunity to win their coordinating fat quarters!

Other announcements: 

-Amy A. is collecting buttons, thread, and any darning materials for her latest volunteer project of mending clothes for residents at nursing homes.  If you have any items Amy might find useful please bring them for her to a future meeting.

Heidi Parkes will be speaking at our July meeting.  You can also see a show of her work at BBQ.  Come see for yourself, Heidi’s hand work is inspiring.

-Block Lotto for June meeting info here.


The group was broken up into 4 smaller groups and attend rotating presentations/ stations hosted by the following:

  1. Curves – Gael B.
  2. Hand turned appliqué– Jeana S.
  3. EZMiter Binding – Tara C.
  4. Paper Piece – Wendy F.

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So many wonderful tips and tricks were shared by these ladies.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!

Wow… we have a talented community!  

Look at this month’s SEW AND TELL:

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