Block Lotto is Back!

Trish Frankland has step up to bring block lotto back!

Kicking off the new block lotto – here is all the info you’ll need to make blocks for the the September 14 meeting.

Use this block: Disappearing Four-Patch block, tutorial on YouTube by Missouri Star Quilt Co. – (If you already know how to make a 4-patch, skip ahead to the 3-minute point.)

Color scheme:Prince Pantone Color  In honor of the new Pantone color (Love Sign #2, in memory of Prince) our color scheme is the-color-formerly-known-as-PURPLE!! Use purples of any shade or intensity, and you may mix it with low-volumes if you wish. Your blocks can be wine with lilac, grape with white, eggplant with shirtings, or any other combination of PURPLE with low-volume lights.

You’ll be entered in the drawing once for every block you make, and you’ll win the whole shebang if we draw yours out at the meeting.

Questions or problems: contact Trish Frankland at 608-235-4646 or or through Facebook message.