May-be Someday Block Lotto

May 14th, 1787 was the date earmarked for the Constitutional Convention to take place in Philadelphia, PA to form a more perfect union of the then 13 newly independent states.  Only two delegates showed up on time, some states boycotted altogether, but a quorum of seven state delegates was secured on May 25th, initiating the discussions that eventually formed the United States Constitution (it took them a few months to iron out the details…).

And so, we the quilters, in an effort to form a more perfect lotto block, shall decide as a group both the design and color palette for the May lotto block.  The final vote will take place at the April meeting so that I can get the info out and people can start working on the block well before the May meeting (on May 14th…see what I did there?).

Now I need suggestions from you!  This is your chance to put out your favorite block and/or color palette for potential inclusion.  I would like these by the March 12th meeting.  I haven’t worked out the particulars just yet, but I will likely choose two or more submissions to go head to head each week until the final elimination round at the April meeting.  I’ll need electronic submissions and blocks w/ tutorials are preferred…we’ll save ‘stump the Events Coordinator’ for another time 😉  I’ll work on the details about voting and how to submit your ‘entries’, but start thinking about blocks and color palettes you think you might want now!

Are you excited?  I am!!!