Sew Spaces!

We’d love it if fellow quilters could snap a photo (or three…) of their Sew Space to share w/ the rest of the guild.  No space is too small or too large, too messy or too organized, we want to see the creative zone in which you make your amazing quilt art.  I’ll go first!

What I love about my Sew Space by JEB (Jenn Brunner):

It’s right in the thick of things.  I used to have a small sewing room, over the (uninsulated) garage, that I also used for a dressing room and closet.  It wasn’t ideal…  When I was looking for a new apartment, I knew I wanted a large, open concept  living area that would allow me to set up a separate space to quilt whenever I wanted but not feel secluded from everything else going on.  Now I am steps away from the kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and can watch TV w/ my daughter to boot!  The windows make it all bright and airy, too.  It’s pretty much perfect 🙂

Big picture view of the living room looking down from the loft, Sew Space to the left:














Although a quilter can never really have too much storage space (right?), I think I have a fair amount where everything I need is at my fingertips (and my sewing machine tucks away into the nook when I need to use the desk for something else).  You can also see the very edge of my design board on the right, peeking out behind the bookcase.  It’s about the same size as the bookcase and I pull it out to use on the wall to the right.























 A look at the space as I see it when I’m sewing (including the pull out storage on the left for my FQ stash…gotta <3 all things IKEA!).  That sofa table is really a re-purposed queen sized headboard that not only keeps my stash cat hair free (ha!), but acts as a very handy space for pressing seams as I go using the portable ironing surface you see on the left by the iron.  And the rug just fit so well in the space, in terms of dimensions and style, that it both defines my Sew Space and I find it inspirational at the same time!























OK, so there you have it…that’s my Sew Space in all it’s compact glory!  Who’s next?!?