September Block Lotto

Hello all! Here is The block information for September’s Block lotto. Sweet as honey.

The pattern is Knee Socks by Elizabeth Hartman. The pattern can be found HERE.

The instructions produce a block that finishes at 24.5 inches (!). A little big, so the requirement for the lotto will be to make only one of the quadrants, which finish at 12.5 inches. You will make a small, medium, and large unit for each quadrant. These can then be assembled according to the quadrant diagrams (step 4). You can choose either the A, B, C, or D placement for your units. Please use white for the background fabric.

How to play: Make up the block for the month following the pattern and color scheme. Make as many as you want as you will get an entry for every block you make! Bring all your finished blocks to the meeting on September 11th and we will draw a winner. If there are enough blocks to be divided, multiple winners will be drawn. The winner then gets all of those blocks to make a quilt (or similar project)! The winner can participate in following lottos but can’t win again until a completed project is presented. 

Have fun!