Welcome back Block Lotto! ROY G BIV Toadstools

Our new format for the Block Lotto is that we will give 2-3 months between explaining the block lotto and when the blocks are due. This session of blocks will be due at our May 9th guild meeting. This gives you two months to make as many blocks as you’d like.

Another update to block lotto is that from now on, all the blocks need to be present at the guild meeting to be entered in the drawing. This means that if you are participating virtually, please mail your blocks to either Casey or Blue Bar Quilts by May 9th so they can be displayed and entered for the drawing. We will then draw the winner at the meeting. If the winner is in person, they will take the blocks home that night. If the winner is virtual, we will mail the blocks within a week.

Our block for this session is a cute toadstool that packs a punch of color in a small block.

The color scheme for these toadstool blocks is as follows:

  • Background – low volume
  • Cap – dark ROY G BIV color (Pick any color of the rainbow and make the cap a dark shade of that color.)
  • Underside – light ROY G BIV color (Whatever color you choose for the cap, use a light shade of that color for the underside. For example, if your top is red, then the underside should be a light red.)
  • Stem – tan/brown

Please do not add borders to these blocks.

Here is a small sample of toadstool blocks. Feel free to use any color in the rainbow for your caps and undersides.

Sewing directions can be found here: https://iamlunasol.blogspot.com/2015/08/toadstool-quilt-block-tutorial.html

We hope you have fun sewing up these little pops of color!