Here comes the Sun!

So last month’s block lotto was berry, berry successful! By the time all was said and done we had 59 blocks, and the winner was Betty Slinger. Congrats Betty. We can’t wait to see how you jam these all together into a quilt! This month we are going to pay homage to summer again, with one of the favorite flowers of the season, the sunflower!

We are going to keep things scrappy again this month, so we don’t have any specific fabrics you need to purchase, but please when making the block this month use a low volume off white fabric for the background, a SOLID green for the leaves, a combination of yellow prints or patterns for the petals, and the center just needs to read brown so that too can be a pattern or texture.

The instructions for this block are from Craftsy, and are easy to follow. You can find them here. Please note the block you make will be 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ when you are done, and will finish at 8″ x 8″ when sewn into a quilt.

a digital rendering of this month’s Block Lotto block

So reach into that stash, and let’s have a field of sunflowers at our next meeting! See you August.