MAY(be) try FPP!

First off, my pun game is sad. We miss Dustin! He will be back with the Block Lotto cleverness for June’s block. For now we are stuck with me, and MAY(be) try FPP!

Pattern: Print four to make one 10″ block. Yes, you will need to sew them together for each Block Lotto entry! [Credit: Pattern is from this Bernina tutorial on We All Sew.] Leave the paper in!


Paper & Printer: Print patterns and make sure they are the correct size. Double check the 1 inch square by measuring it after printing. Print at 100%. Do not scale. Some folks use foundation paper piecing paper, which you can find at Blue Bar or The Electric Needle. Please double check these listing to make sure they will work in your printer. I use regular copy paper.
Add-A-Quarter Ruler: I will be demonstrating with this and I *highly* recommend it. I am bordering on saying it’s necessary. But if you want to try this with a clear quilting ruler, be my guest. I won’t be dealing with the fallout. I will not be held responsible. Love you! You can find an Add-A-Quarter Ruler at The Electric Needle or Blue Bar(Note: If you choose for some ungodly reason not to get one of these, you will want a hera marker on hand)
Adhesive: A double sided tape roller or a glue stick is recommended. Not wet glue. 
Seam Roller: This can be any smooth blunt object. I don’t iron while foundation paper piecing – I use my Violet Craft Seam Roller or a Hawaiian Guitar Slide. You can grab your own Violet Craft Seam Roller at Blue Bar or The Electric Needle
Thread: I just use whatever piecing thread works well on my machine.
Fabric: As Dustin mentioned at last meeting, we will be using some specific fabrics from Blue Bar for Block Lotto over the next few months. We will then be using some specific fabrics from The Electric Needle for Block Lotto for a few months after that. Here are the fabrics you should get if you’re making your blocks for Block Lotto.–White/p/Quotation-Ink-x53413938.htm
Our pattern requires the use of three fabrics, so please find a tiny floral for your third fabric. A little floral that will remind us of why we love April showers. A little floral that will fit nicely in the small areas of the block we’re working on. A little floral that won’t look super goofy when cut up into little pieces and not pattern matched. Any color is fine as long as it’s the same for the four blocks that make up your 10″ completed block.
Cutting Station:┬áNext to your sewing machine, set up a little “cutting station” consisting of a small self healing cutting mat and rotary cutter. You’ll be using your Add-A-Quarter Ruler, Adhesive, and Seam Roller there as well!