January 2021 Meeting Minutes

MadMod Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes: 14-JAN-2021

Mad Mod Members are automatically registered members of the National Modern Quilt Guild. To login, visit https://www.themodernquiltguild.com/. Your login is the email you used to join Mad Mod. If you haven’t set up your password yet, you can do that when you login the first time.

Mad Mod Quilt Guild Membership Renewal: Dues: $46.50 by PayPal or $45 by Check. Email madmodquiltguild at gmail dot com for mailing address.

Friday Night Sewing with Emily Forscher (See Facebook for Zoom)

Feb: Mister Domestic Instagram: @misterdomestic. Advocacy in Quilting

March: Chawne Kimber Instagram: @cauchycomplete. Autobiographical Quilting

April: TBD

May: Sarah Ruiz  Instagram @Saroy. Inspiration & Quilt Design

Eileen: Project Linus. Over 1500 in the last quarter. Well over half given to social services. More labelers needed. Be careful with allergens and fragrances, including pets and perfumes.

December Block Lotto Mittens: 24 Blocks; Winner is Sue Faris. Use best mailing practices: Don’t tape over stamps, beware of thickness

Fabric Postcard Swap for Block Lotto in February! Sign up by Jan 20 over Google form (emailed to members). Assignments will go out Jan 22. (Only open to MMQG members)

Dayna Marinelli/Briana Stapleton Welch/Tara Curtis:

EID: Equity, Inclusion, Diversity: Intentionally welcoming and formalizing these principles.

Why now? Update bylaws to align with national and intentionality towards EID, Create materials to explain how to do things, Update outward messaging, ALign with MQG, Align members on EID, Last updated in 2013.

Documents/Resources: Bylaws, Accountability Checklist, Accessible Event Planning Tool, Website Updates , Facebook Rules, & Behavior Guidelines

Next Steps: Google form will be sent to vote Yes or No. Sent out Friday, 15-Jan. Response due Friday, 22-Jan. Majority vote to pass new bylaws. Current bylaws on website; new ones sent via email.