Oh No-vember You Didn’t?!?

Oh yes I did! Who had the chicken block on their 2020 Bingo card?

This is hands down the most talked about quilt block lotto ever! Originally debuting in 2018 for the November meeting, Trish Franklin laid this lotto down both declaring her love of chickens and setting into motion a chain of events few could have seen coming. I know it may bring up some difficult feelings for some of you, but it’s just such a fun block, and I thought this would be fun way to wrap up our year. I am also thinking that the Mad Mod Quilt Guild doesn’t have a mascot….or do we?!?!?

photo I borrowed from Quilty Love – don’t you just love these chickens???!?

Originally posted on Quilty Love , It was designed by Vicki at Sew Inspired and there is a free tutorial from the designers website. You can find the tutorial HERE.

It’s important to note that this block ends up 7″ x 8″ unfinished. For the fabric selections and guidelines we are going to follow the same rules as last time.

  • Low-volume fabric (print or solid, white or cream or lights) for the background
  • Yellow or orange for the beaks
  • Reddish for the combs (and you can make them any shape you want)
  • ANYTHING GOES for the chicken body fabric – the CRAZIER the BETTER!

These will be due at the December 10, 2020 meeting. For every block you make and register, you’ll get one entry to win the whole lot … so the more blocks you make, the better your chances….but you can also make just one block and win the whole thing too! We will send an email out with a link to register your blocks and instructions on how to do so after the November 12th meeting! Good cluck!!!