August Block Lotto – Stashbuster

This lotto block has a nifty tutorial here:

Colors are solid slate/dark gray and the rest is anything goes (just try to mix it up as much as possible with a wide variety of colors, both brights and lights, warm and cool, etc.). Great block for using up some scraps! You can construct it as shown with two gray ‘borders’ and the rest colored squares or change it up and do two colored square ‘borders’ and the rest gray (tutorial for alternate border block also on this website, photo and link near the end). 12″ finished block (your block submission will measure 12.5″ unfinished).


This one is relatively simple in that it’s all squares (88 to be exact!), but they are tiny so it will take some patience and attention to detail (don’t let those 1/4″ seam allowances get away from you!).  I did scant 1/4″ and ended up w/ the colored tile sections being slightly longer than the coordinating gray sections, but it still worked out (hopefully!).  I chain pieced where possible, not sure how much time that saved…