June block lotto

Happy June, warm days, summer is here!  No correlation to this month’s color palette, necessarily, I just liked the way everything played together so well in this photo 🙂  Mustard, eggplant, dark navy, and teal.


QBL June 15

For the block design you get your choice of two, each one a negative of other.  Or, you can do both!  You can even cut and sew and press the 16 smaller square pieces and decide later which way you prefer, because it’s the same number of white vs. color on the front end either way!


I got the original block idea from this tutorial:


She uses a template for her HSTs, but it’s not necessary (see our January January Quilt Block Lotto for guidance on how to make these the more traditional way – https://www.madmodquiltguild.com/2014/12/january-block-lotto/).  You can feel free to follow the rest of her instructions (only use a variety of fabric patterns and colors instead of just two fabric patterns), or follow along on the brief tutorial below (it’s just squares and HSTs, so super quick!).

What you need to cut (for either block):

  • White fabric: (4) 3.5″ squares and (4) 4″ squares (or 4.25″ if you like a little extra wiggle room w/ your HSTs, like she stated in the tutorial).
  • Color fabric (variety!): (4) 3.5″ squares and (4) 4″ squares (or 4.25″ if you prefer).

Use one each of the white and color 4″ (or 4.25″) squares to make your HSTs.  Press open or to one side as your preference, then trim to 3.5″.  If you opt to make two blocks, you will be able to get greater variety of fabric selections in each one since you’ll get two HSTs out of each 4″ color fabric square you cut originally.

Lay out your 16 little squares, play w/ the design, then sew it up.  Yeah, it’s that easy!  Finished size is 12″ (12.5″ unfinished).

I’m going to finish piecing mine right now…