The silver lining…..

They say that every cloud has one; Mad Mod has found ours!

We were notified in November that Stitcher’s Crossing was for sale and that we could only be assured of our meeting space through the May meeting.
The officers have been looking at the options for a move and found a dandy… too good to pass.

Therefore , it is with much sadness for leaving Stitcher’s Crossing, that we announce that as of the MARCH 12 meeting, we will be in the Whitney Way HyVee community room; fortunately, still the second Thursday of the month.

The space is large and will allow us more options for some interesting projects at our meetings. We are fizzing with ideas!!! The reason that we can afford such a wonderful space, is that the fee is waived by an offsetting amount of cafe and deli food being consumed by our members. If you are so inclined, you can grab food from downstairs and bring it up to the meeting.

We will have more details later but wanted to ‘get out the news’ as it is somewhat short notice.

See you in February at Stitcher’s Crossing; in March at HyVee…..