October Volunteer Update

The November meeting is just around the corner…..
If you haven’t finished Community Service blocks, don’t despair.  December is ALSO just around the corner!

The September blocks are:
* 15″ square(s) of black and white check (distributed at the meeting) with inset or appliquéd circles of any color
* 15″ block(s) with a paper pieced house of any design on a blue background

The October blocks are:
* 8″ x 31″rectangle(s)’ of white and a solid pieced stripes.
* block(s) of any size and design made from the ugly fabrics passed around at the October meeting (the smaller the pieces, the less ugly the fabrics become)

A few notes regarding our blocks…
Many organizations have strict rules/guidelines for the quilts…
*quilt shop quality fabric which is soft if rubbed on the face
*cotton only
*new fabric….absolutely never used previously for any purpose
*not exposed to smoking or pet hair

  Please keep these notes in mind when making blocks to donate; we don’t want our quilts to end up in a dumpster or used on a garage floor for oil changes.  We want to be proud of our quilts with our MadMod quilt label on the back!