News from our Volunteer Committee!

Community Service comes to MadMod!

Every month new projects will begin….think of it as a merry-go-round of blocks….jump on board when you can!  Not every project will interest you but sooner or later one will.  Do a block,  return it when you can….
The inaugural month was September…..15″ squares of black and white buffalo checks were available for the addition of circles…method of choice…applique, inset….etc.

The second option was to make a 15″ block with a paper pieced house (pattern of your choice) with blue background.

For the October meeting, please bring close to a yard of your ugliest quilting fabric….from this will grow one of October’s projects.
As the blocks return, they will be assembled and quilted for distribution to a number of charities.  Please submit names of worthy organizations if you have any.  If anyone is interested in assisting with assembly etc., there will certainly be opportunities.
MadMod CommServe is just getting off the ground…or jumping on the merry-go-round or what ever you might call it….love to have you on board, too!