X’s and O’s

Though the history regarding the symbolism of X’s and O’s at the end of a letter or note is long and contested, we have all probably used this familiar, affectionate closing in a letter or card to a loved one or been the recipient of such a signature. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there will be a lot of X’s and O’s everywhere. I’ve already seen it on a couple of mugs and […]

The February meeting

The bad news is:  February was our last meeting in the wonderful Stitcher’s Crossing shop!  We will miss all of the fabulous people and, of course, THE FABRIC!!!!!!  Thank you so much, Sharon and Stitcher’s Crossing!  We will miss you but will certainly be seeing you unofficially for further shopping. The good news is:  we will now be meeting in the much larger space of the Whitney Way HyVee Community Room.  There are great plans […]

February Block Lotto – Valentine Bouquet

I am writing this post from my smartphone during a break while at my daughter’s volleyball tournament in Milwaukee, which is going to go longer than expected, so I just downloaded an app that allows me to control my DVR and record the Packer game we are going to miss. Ah, the many miracles of modern technology! General Quilt Block Lotto rules: 1. Make one quilt block (or more) following the pattern and color scheme […]