November Meeting Notes

Retreat Report: The Little Getaway Retreat had 20 participants over the weekend. Because the rental fee for The Violet Room (the retreat site) was only $180, the retreat raised $800 for the guild. It was very easy to rent the space. Dustin noted that anyone who wants to host a similar daytime retreat could work with the guild board to make plans; the host just needs to be on site at the retreat all day.

December Meeting: The December 14 guild meeting will be in-person only at Blue Bar Quilts. The meeting will be a white elephant swap with snacks and refreshments. Bring something quilty that you have made. (It doesn’t have to be sewn, but homemade is recommended.) There will also be the layer cake swap and an orphan block swap. 

Bylaws Review & Amendment: Dustin opened the floor to any questions about bylaws review. No one had any questions. The guild then voted on the proposed bylaws amendment.

The current bylaw:

4.5.1 Elected officers may not serve more than one consecutive term in any one office.

The proposed change would be the following:

Elected officers may not serve more than one consecutive term in any one office, unless at the end of the term there is no new nominee. In this instance, the current board member may remain in their elected position for another term.

Tracy R. moved to amend the bylaws, Marian S. seconded. The motion passed with a majority vote and the bylaw has been amended. 

New Officers: With the newly amended bylaw, we voted on the slate of nominees for officers. There were no new nominations from the floor. Marian S. moved to elect the officers, and Val. S. seconded. The motion passed with a majority vote, and a new board was elected. Welcome new and returning officers!

President – Linda Millin Orr

Treasurer – Diane Galarneau

Secretary – Melissa Murray

Event Planner – Tracy Rucka

Event Coordinator – Marian Stimson

Event Coordinator – Casey Schilling

Dustin noted that the guild thrives when people volunteer for leadership roles. A collaborative board helps the guild be successful. Please consider running for an officer role in the future!

Project Linus updates: Eileen mentioned that there is a new chapter coordinator; Eileen will still be the liaison between Project Linus and the guild. They have found a storage solution. If anyone has donated blankets in 2023 and needs documentation for tax acknowledgement, please contact the Project Linus chapter directly. 

2024 Membership/Dues & Calendar: You can renew your membership online! Find it in the Shop section of the website. There are no additional fees to pay online. There is also now a calendar of events on the website. If you know of a quilty event that should go on the calendar, you can use our website form to submit an event.

Demos: Trisha Urban demonstrated how to finish a quilt with a facing and passed around examples of different techniques. This is a great finish for a design that you want to go uninterrupted all the way to the edge of the quilt without a border or binding. 

Dayna Marinelli shared examples of how to label your quilts, including options to incorporate the label into the binding to minimize hand stitching. With this technique, you add the label after quilting and before binding.