Meeting Minutes – May 2022

This meeting was moved to an all-virtual meeting because of COVID in the officer team and increasing case rates in Dane County. We’ll continue to monitor and adjust throughout the year. 

Project Linus has lots of inventory to cover summer blanket needs.

Block Lotto: 9 people made tulips for May. Winner is Eileen Kellor! June block lotto will be low volume + rainbow log cabin. Check the website for Ellen’s instructions about the specific color scheme.

Colette Keith was our presenter. She is a Lakota quilter from South Dakota. Colette presented on tribal quilting. Shared the story of a community quilting project that originated as a way to teach math via quilting and art. This ultimately turned into the Humble Stitches, Generous Threads quilt show at Northwest Indian College. Colette shared information about how the show was created and the types of tribal quilting included in the show. Catalogs from the quilt show are available from Casey Shilling if you’d like them. Contact Casey with your address to receive a catalog from the show that Colette presented about. 

Learn more about the quilt show that Colette worked on:

The Resilience of Native Quilts

NWIC students, community show off Native American artwork on quilts in Tulalip