Jan block lotto – tiny trees

Hello MadModders!

Here is all the info you need to participate in the block lotto for the January 2018 meeting:

  • FREE tutorial on Diary of a Quilter
  • Small size means you can make a bunch
  • Tutorial makes 2 blocks at a time
  • Let’s use the same color scheme she uses in the tutorial: mainly any green (olive, lime, leaf, pine) with true red and neutrals, small amounts of other colors OK as long as they’re MODERN prints, and brown trunks
  • DO NOT square up your blocks when sewn – leave them ragged!
tiny modern trees www.diaryofaquilter.com MMQG
Let’s use the free tutorial on www.diaryofaquilter.com to make some adorable tiny trees!

I thought this might be fun post-holiday sewing before you put away all those great prints you were using on gifts.

Each block you make enters you once in the drawing to win the whole pile. Make more, better odds!

If you have questions, contact Trish F.

There were something like 55 creamsicle blocks made for the November drawing. It’s been fun to see what everyone makes, and even more fun to see them turned into something awesome!