Show us your sewing space | Natalie Santini

Today, we get a look into inside Natalie’s sewing space! Let’s take a peek inside shall we?

Where do you sew? In my dining room–we’ve lived here just over a year now, and it still is kinda a weird layout but whatever. I’m very “deal wit’ it”, quit crying.

Sewing Room
Correction:  Table has been upgraded since time of interview:  😀  Check her out:


This is on the main level of the house, so I can keep my children under control.  We usually eat in the kitchen, so this table would be cleared off if say Hillary showed up, or Gloria Steinem, or Snoop…AB2221CD-E3C3-29C2-2CBF893734C62491

…but only then. I was first upstairs in a cute little sewing room, but that ended quickly. No further comment. Bahahahaha

sewing room piano corner

How often do you sew? When do you sew?
I sew every single day.

Whenever I can–sometimes it’s not until 11 pm, but I get at least 30 min in. I joke sewing is my sanity pill—-but it’s no joke. And husband knows it.
If I’m not at work, I’m sewing. Unless I’m sipping a MaiTai n Tahiti–then maybe I’d take a break for a day.  Sewing room zen corner: sewing room zen corner

*Of course this is when the kids are at school, in Summer I have to drain them of energy first with forced marches through historical sties and what not, then I can sew in peace later.

sewing room other side
Tell us about your sewing machines. 
I have a Bernina 1008 old school mechanical machine. I bought one while living in England , so I actually have two-but that one is British spec, so it’s in the attic.
Until I go back to the UK.

I do everything on this machine, from piece work to garments to quilts.
Yes I’ve quilted all my own quilts. Sometimes it’s super not fun.

sewing room alwya a mess

I have a serger Singerbut she’s a real wench. I never take her out due to her attitude.

How do you store your fabric stash and scraps?
I have these pink boxes for my scraps that I stack in my library for easy access. Each box is color coordinated and the pieces in there are cut into usable shapes like charm squares or jelly roll strips, and pressed. I transitioned to this method after almost suffocating myself when I fell into my garbage bag of scraps one day. It was a close call.sewing room my draw's'


pattern storage

The rest of my fabric is in my drawers, folded as best I can manage. I don’t get crazy about orderliness because I use it daily. Sometimes I take it all out and roll in it, like that movie Studio 54 when he rolls in the cash. It’s normal.


Natalie is the author Hungry Hippie Sews.  Follow her there to see all the super cool things she is working on.


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