October Meeting

The Mad Mod October meeting was October 13, 2016.  There were 45 people present (every last chair that we could find was used!) and 7 of those were guests.


Gael discussed the status of her ‘coming soon’ quilt shop, Blue Bar Quilts.  Construction is poised to begin as soon as the endless details are ironed out and the papers signed.


Wendy talked about her Modern Stitchers Affair which was held in September.  It was well attended and full of energy…..and hard work!  All those who attended were very pleased and enthusiastic.


On Black Friday, November 25, there will be a Mad Mod Sew Day at Stitcher’s Crossing .  Please RSVP via the Facebook page.  Remember that NO food is allowed because of airborne food allergies.


Mad Mod elections will be at the November meeting.  There are three elected positions and terms run one calendar year up to three years.

Treasurer : Dayna

President: Linda (will be third and final term)

Secretary: no nominee at this time


Cheryl presented a program on sewing/quilting with selvages.

As usual, Show and Tell was lots of fun.  Apologies in advance for mistakes!


IMG_6652Linda’s selvage projectIMG_6733 IMG_6731 IMG_6730

Rebecca:IMG_6728 IMG_6726 IMG_6725Claire:IMG_6723 IMG_6722 IMG_6720 IMG_6719Celeste:IMG_6718 IMG_6716 IMG_6714Trish:IMG_6711 IMG_6710 IMG_6709 IMG_6708 IMG_6706
IMG_6705Joan;IMG_6704 IMG_6702David:IMG_6699 IMG_6696 IMG_6695Chris:IMG_6693 IMG_6692 IMG_6691 IMG_6690 IMG_6688 IMG_6687 IMG_6686 IMG_6685Jessica:IMG_6682 IMG_6681 IMG_6679 IMG_6678Amy:IMG_6676 IMG_6674 IMG_6673Amy:IMG_6672