September meeting

The September meeting is just a memory… lost in the whirlwind that is The Quilt Expo! It was such fun to see the quilts by our members, members vending, members volunteering and even…..YES! Members shopping! Some of us were left with the feeling that we should get our act together and submit a quilt next year; some of us were left with the feeling that we would never be good enough.  Possibly we were all left with the feeling that there should be more modern quilts exhibited and there is only one way to make that happen!

Other than the Expo, the big topic at the meeting was the discussion led by Wendy on the value of belonging to MQG. Do we get enough out of it to compensate for the considerable chunk that national takes out of our dues? Speaking of dues, do we charge enough? What is the tipping point between too much and not enough? If we give up the name “modern quilt”, someone else can start a group and become Madison’s Modern Quilt Guild. Is this important? Keep discussing amongst yourselves; an online survey will be coming.Wendy leads the discussion on the value of the MQG.

The MQG Charity Quilt Challenge chair, Natalie, discussed the color options for the challenge.  The Kona versions were pretty garish; in this area with a limited number of shops, it’s difficult to be able to view the colors by the other fabric companies. The quilt is due in late January. Contact the guild if you are interested in being on the committee. Details are on the MQG site (links are in the minutes for September).

The Modern Stitching Affair is just a short time away (yes, you can still register) and those of us who aren’t able to attend look forward to hearing all about it in October (and seeing all of the marvelous things that were sewn that weekend!)

Blue Bar Quilts continues to progress; sometime in November it hopes to be open for business! A new quilt shop! A modern quilt shop! There is a facebook page and some of the fabrics that have already arrived can be viewed.


Fabric sent for the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge continues to be distributed. Celeste  and Heather, Linda has your fabric.  Please contact to pick up otherwise it will be at the October meeting.  Linda has extra yardage and will bring it to the meeting.  Participants may use it as needed; all fabric on the front of the quilt must be from the Luxe line.



IMG_6668 David explains how he works out his quilts.IMG_6667 IMG_6666 IMG_6663IMG_6665Tracy shows her Dr. Who Tardis quilt.IMG_6660Cheryl shows a quilt she made with a school group.IMG_6658Joan made almost-twin quilts for twin boys.IMG_6652IMG_6651Many members brought purchases from Expo to show and tell.

It was another high-energy meeting and we are looking forward to October!