Show Us Your Sewing Space | Celeste Richards-Gannon

Hello!  Today we get to peek into Celeste Richards-Gannon’s sewing room!

Where do you sew?  (Do you have a sewing room or sew on the kitchen table for example?)

I sew in the spare bedroom but I sewed on the dining room table for years. It is nice to not have to take out/put everything away after each project. I love the room as it is the warmest room in the house in the winter and has a large window. I find that I have to have natural light when making color decisions.

Mad Mod | Madison Modern Quilt Guild

How often do you sew?  When do you sew?

I sew as often as I can, any time of the day/night! I am retired and my children are grown, so I am really lucky.

Mad Mod | Madison Modern Quilt Guild

Tell us about your sewing machine/s: (How many, make and model, what do you piece on primarily?  Do you quilt your own quilts?)

  • 1984 Bernina 801 Sport that I use for piecing and anything heavy duty (the machine will sew through anything)
  • Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP  that I use for the walking foot, free-motion quilting, and decorative stitches

I quilt my own quilts and have also rented long-arm time for two quilts.

Mad Mod | Madison Modern Quilt Guild

How do you store your fabric stash and scraps?

I store my small stash in the closet in upright fabric divided cubbies that are meant to hold shoes

Mad Mod | Madison Modern Quilt Guild

Any tips or tricks for staying organized?

I really try to have a storage spot for everything and clean up every time  after I sew. If not, it really turns into a mess. I also vacuum frequently as the dust really starts to bother me. I have a set of tools at the machine I use for piecing and another set next to the other machine. I also have a small iron for quick ironing following piecing, but also like to make myself get up and walk to my ironing board just to get some exercise and break up long periods of sitting. I love my LED small lamps from IKEA that are $10.

Mad Mod | Madison Modern Quilt Guild

Any links to your blog/website/Instagram/business/pinterest or Facebook if you’d like to share?

Mad Mod | Madison Modern Quilt Guild

Thank you Celeste for sharing your space with us!

If you are a Madison Modern Quilt Guild Member, we would love to feature YOUR sewing room on our blog.  Please send your answers to the above questions (and anything else you’d like to say) along with photos of your space to

Photo suggestions: (5-10 beautiful, clear, high quality photos, natural light if possible, JPEGs)

·         Overviews of the space, a picture of you at work
·         Detail shots of your fabric stash, accessories, décor
·         Works in progress or anything else that makes your sewing space unique or inspirational.