Welcome to Our New Website!

This website was lovingly made possible by an excellent team.  Our logo designer Catherine Van Hove,  the forever dedicated Mad Mod QG Officers and our web designer Jennifer Cooley.

First, I would like to thank member Catherine Heffron Van Hove for our expertly designed logo and our members for voting it in!  THANK YOU!

Officers collaborated and voted on color palettes picked out by Events Officer Andria Olson.  Please welcome the beautiful and classically colored Madison Modern Quilt Guild Logo!


…inspired by a bowl of eggs!  Oh Design Seeds, how we love you.

And goodbye old friend…!

Next, I would like to thank Jennifer Cooley and Penny Aguilera for our awesome new website!  Penny Aguilera is an instructor for the Graphic Design Program at Madison College and needed non-profit organizations to volunteer for website re-design and luckily I saw the request and we were chosen!  Jennifer got our project and did a phenomenal job.  THANK YOU JENNIFER!  YOU’RE SO PATIENT AND KIND AND CREATIVE! She did everything we asked, and we asked for a lot.  We had the most complicated project in the class and she nailed it.

Now that we are oh-so-pretty, we want to be shown to the world.  We have adorable buttons to give to members which I am rocking at work today.  Here is a peak…


You can buy more buttons, a tote and other great swag at our new shop very soon.  See menu link “SHOP!”^ up there begging to be used.  Use it, use it real good, you know…when its actually active…which will be soon. A small portion of each purchase price goes back to the Mad Mod Quilt Guild to both complicated our taxes and to use for future programming at our meetings!

Also coming soon, your very own blog button and a facebook header for our group page!  WOOT!

I am sure you just love our new look so much that you’re dying to make beautiful modern quilt out of the colors.  Here is a head start – our logo transformed into Kona Cotton Colors!  (Check out Play Crafts awesome free tool palette builder it will change your life, you’re welcome!)




Finally, we need a crafty genius to turn our logo into a quilt block.  Are YOU that crafty genius?  Email madmodquildguild@gmail.com if you are.  I believe in you.

Please take a moment to poke around the new site.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Wendy Franczak MadModQG President