October Block Lotto

This month’s block palette is easy: black and white. Feel free to use a solid black or a print that is mostly black (tonal black on black would be great). Dark grey or charcoal would be fine, too. The background should be white.  The pattern is a an Old Maid’s Puzzle variation (or School Girl’s Puzzle) and the instructions can be found HERE.*Edit: Follow cutting instructions for the 12″ block, which actually gets you a […]

Quilt Con Charity challenge

Mad Modders, At the September meeting I tested the waters for interest in our guild contributing a quilt to the Quilt Con challenge.  There was little or no interest expressed at that time.  If I am in error and there are people who would like to be part of a team working on this project, please notify me immediately.  The entrance forms are due September 30! There are very specific guidelines as to colors, design, […]

Lucky Sew Day

Lucky ME at Sew Day Saturday at Stitcher’s Crossing…..Amy Anderson dropped by to visit and ended up begin my sous-sewer!  She clipped and pressed and kept me working!   Thanks, Amy!I’m putting on a big push to finish up a LOT of charity projects….at the October meeting, I’ll be hoping for lots of volunteers to take home a quilt and quilt it! The scraps are so deep that they are beginning to drift!

Secretary Needed for 2015

Good Evening Mad Mod Quilters! I am so happy to announce that we have two nominees for our election in November! Linda Orr (Nominee for President) Jennifer Brunner (Nominee for Events) Now, we need YOU to run for Secretary.  Please email madmodquiltguild@gmail.com and tell us you’re interested.  Its important that you are able to attend most meeting and to find a back up note taker when you are absent.  Post meeting minutes within 7 days […]

Charity @ Mad Mod

Greetings from Mad Mod Charity!  I hope that you have had a great summer; it will be fun to have us all together again.  If you have a little free time, please consider helping with one of these projects: Quilts of Valor:We still are in need of blocks for our Valor quilt.15″, divided on the diagonal….half white, half blue and red stripes.Wonky stars would also be welcome.I’d like to get this one finished up soon. […]

September Sew Day

Stitcher’s Crossing will be hosting a Sew Day for our guild members on Saturday, September 20th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. There is space for 16 quilters. Please join the event on our Facebook page, email me at trina@trinapeterson.com, or let me know at the September meeting if you plan to attend. Hope to see you there!