Events Position

I have an announcement for you all. Jennifer Falkowski is, unfortunately, stepping down from the second Events Coordinator position. This position is now open for all of our members to consider filling. The Events Coordinators are responsible for the following:

  • Regular activities such as swaps, challenges, block lotteries, block of the month, bees.
  • Social events such as sew days, field trips, and other social get-togethers.
  • Special events such as quilt shows, speakers, and workshops.
These are the aspects of a guild that make it fun and worth being a part of but it can be a little taxing for one person to plan all of these things out. Please consider joining with me as an Events Coordinator and help make our guild even better!
We would like to have this position filled as soon as possible so if you would like to run for it please leave a comment below, contact us on Facebook, or send and email. Hopefully we can elect someone at our next meeting, this Thursday. If you have an interest, please make it known before 5:00 pm Thursday, April 10th.