Is it time to makeover our branding?

Good Evening Mad Mod Quilters!

At the last meeting we discussed the idea of creating  new, updated branding.  We have had a SURGE in membership since our logo was first created and we’ve officially joined The Modern Quilt Guild so it might be time for a refresh.

We need a logo that is…

  • Re-sizable – so it can be made into a huge poster or tiny button.  A vector graphic would be ideal!
  • A .png option so the background is clear
  • You pick the color palette! 
  • Multiple design submissions and color palettes are acceptable
  • A black and white option would be rad
  • We need a coordinating Blogger header, Facebook header, and blog button
  • We will not accept hand drawings.   We are not graphic designers and don’t necessarily have the skills needed to translate your drawing into a computer graphic.   Please have a design ready to use on the internet.
  • Be original, we’re not looking for another logo with the Capitol building in it. 
Ideally, we’d like to see the submissions in person, presented by YOU at the May meeting.  

You’re welcome show sneak peaks of your ideas ahead of time by posting on our Modern Quilt Guild Community site or on our Facebook page. 

If you are unable to attend the May meeting and have a design you’d like to submit please email a .pdf to by Monday May 5th.

Voting will only be done IN PERSON at our May Meeting.  Do you love the current logo? That will be an option on the ballot too.  We can’t wait to see what YOU come up with!  

Check out logo inspiration on Pinterest.

Happy quilting.