Charity News

An assortment of small (40″-60″-ish) Charity quilt tops are ready for quilting; are there any longarmers who would be willing to quilt one?
Is there anyone with one of those super-duper embroidery machines who would be willing to help design and then make quilt labels for our charity quilts?

January and February are the dates for completing these blocks:
1) pieced house with blue background, 15″
2) bright wonky star on white background, 15″ or 8″
3) Quilts of Valor, 15″ block split on diagonal…half white , half red/blue pieced stripes
4) inset or appliqued circles on the black and white checks
5) pieced white and one other solid color striped , 7″ X 36″+

Please keep in mind guidelines/restrictions:
1) smoke free
2) pet hair-free
3) quilt shop quality 100% cotton
4) Quilts of Valor: no children’s prints

Thank you…I would be happy to provide more details if needed…..