September Block Lotto!

Hello everyone! Great work on last month’s blocks. Congratulations to Dayna for winning those beauties! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt.

Because our meetings take place at the end of the month, I would like the theme for the lotto to be relevant for the next month. So this month’s blocks have a Halloween vibe to them.

This is the color palette. Greys, blacks, oranges, and golds. Spooky.

Fabric inspiration:
The block, Webs and Orbs, two variations:

They look like moons and spiderwebs!
This block is a hexagonal log cabin and there are a few different ways to construct it. The top block I did in a traditional log cabin style. I cut a hexagon that was about 2.5″ from flat side to flat side then started sewing strips to the sides, overlapping the previous strips. A tutorial for a neat hexagon log cabin can be found here, however, I didn’t cut my strips to any specific width and made it wonkier by trimming the strips so there were no parallel lines.
The second block I made from this tutorial. This was the original inspiration for this month’s block. I preferred the second method, as the first had a tendency to get away from me and got a little lopsided but do which ever you find easiest!
Some guidelines for these blocks:
  • Keep the center block a lighter color. Think ‘moon’.
  • Use your darkest fabric for the outer most ring/ edges.
  • The block should be trimmed to 9.5″
How to play: Make up the block for the month following the pattern and color scheme. Make as many as you want as you will get an entry for every block you make! Bring all your finished blocks to the meeting on September 25th and we will draw a winner. If there are enough blocks to be divided, multiple winners will be drawn. The winner then gets all of those blocks to make a quilt (or similar project)! You can’t win again until a completed project is presented. Have fun!