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May Block Lotto

The block for May’s lotto is here! This month is a basket weave block from Moda Bakeshop.We’re going to keep this one truly scrappy and not have a color scheme, so just pull what you have from your stash or scrap bin! The cutting instructions are for an entire quilt so here is what you need […]

April Block Lotto

I’ve got April’s block for you! This month is Rain or Shine and here is your color inspiration: Basically we’re going for blue and yellow here. Any shade of blue, any shade of yellow. For the block itself we are going to be using our improvisational piecing skills. I know you’ve got ’em! I made […]

March Block Lotto

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I am ready for a change of seasons! I’ve got all things green in my thoughts including this month’s block for the lotto. Two palettes […]

February Block Lotto

Time for February’s Block Lotto! This month’s palette is a frosty berry smoothie. Lilac, lavender, raspberry, blackberry, and orchid. The block is called Patchwork Wheel and is available here. When they are put together, an X’s and O’s pattern is formed giving a subtle Valentine’s quilt. A few notes for this quilt block: Please use […]

December Block Lotto

Hello! For December’s block we are going to try some paper foundation piecing! The color inspiration: Icy blues and aqua with light grey as the back ground color (a good example is Kona Ash if you’ve got it). I even added a few dark blue-greens and navy. The pattern is called Icky Thump by Julie […]

October Block Lotto!

Hi All! Sorry for the lateness of this post. Some of you suggested a paper piecing block for this month’s lotto. I searched. I tried. I failed. I couldn’t locate a block that fit these criteria: Free, easy enough for beginners, goes with the theme I was looking for, and interesting enough to make me […]

September Block Lotto!

Hello everyone! Great work on last month’s blocks. Congratulations to Dayna for winning those beauties! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt. Because our meetings take place at the end of the month, I would like the theme for the lotto to be relevant for the next month. So this month’s blocks have a Halloween […]

August Block Lotto

Hello all! Ready this month’s block lotto?! The color palette is a mix of warm and cool jewel tones. Here are some fabrics I pulled for some inspiration: The block design is the Pineapple Blossom block from Quiltville. There is a full tutorial on that page and I will also give you a quick rundown […]

July Block Lotto

Here is the color palette, a cool take on patriotic for the month of July: This is the block: Starburst Sparklers! Instructions for the block can be found in this tutorial. This block should finish up at 10 inches. I think it is a good starting place for those of you who haven’t done improv […]

June Block Lotto!

Here is the skinny on June’s Block Lotto! Let’s start with the block. Here are the instructions. It’s a little bit more on the traditional side but still a fun block! It finishes up at 9 1/2″. And the color palette: A refreshing mix of mint, tangerine, and lemon. Just look at that! Doesn’t that […]


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