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May Block Lotto – Red and White Twin Sisters

OK, I wasn’t able to do the ‘choose your own adventure’ block this month…apologies 🙁 It will come back at some point, though! I was inspired by the simplicity of the Cherry Jubilee ‘show within a show’ at the International Quilt Festival last month in Chicago, so that’s the color palette this month: red and […]

April block lotto – scrappy strips, warm and cool

Kristin Gumbinger shared this block idea w/ me shortly before the last meeting. I didn’t have a block yet for April, so it worked perfectly!  You can chose to make scrappy strips in a warm palette (reds, oranges, pinks, golds) or a cool palette (blues, greens, purples).  The block is 18″ finished, so 18.5″ unfinished. […]

May-be Someday Block Lotto

May 14th, 1787 was the date earmarked for the Constitutional Convention to take place in Philadelphia, PA to form a more perfect union of the then 13 newly independent states.  Only two delegates showed up on time, some states boycotted altogether, but a quorum of seven state delegates was secured on May 25th, initiating the […]

March block lotto – For the birds!

March in Wisconsin means the sandhill cranes are migrating North and is one of the first signs of impending SPRING, which was the inspiration for the lotto block this month.  It’s kind of a flying geese meets log cabin, with a gray gradation twist (gray-dation?). I went with red because it reminded me of cranes, but you […]

February Block Lotto – Valentine Bouquet

I am writing this post from my smartphone during a break while at my daughter’s volleyball tournament in Milwaukee, which is going to go longer than expected, so I just downloaded an app that allows me to control my DVR and record the Packer game we are going to miss. Ah, the many miracles of […]

January Block Lotto – HSTs!

JEB is in da house!  Sorry I’m so late in getting this out 🙁  Got some pretty big block lotto shoes to fill behind Andria, so please be patient with me.  This is my first time blogging.  Like, ever.  I’m fairly sure I’ll be an addict once I get the hang of it, but there […]

December Block Lotto

Here is this months block for the lotto! The color palette is minty green, grey-blue, navy, persimmon, and tan. This month’s block is a big single bear paw block. The instructions can be found HERE. We will be doing the 12″ block so be sure to check your measurements on the chart given! Let’s keep […]

November Block Lotto

Here it is, my final installment of block lotto.  Cozy!   The block pattern is Mountain Majesty and the tutorial I followed is found HERE. Please feel free to use any of the colors for either the peaks or valleys! The block finishes at 11.5″x14.5″. How to play: Make up the block for the month […]

October Block Lotto

This month’s block palette is easy: black and white. Feel free to use a solid black or a print that is mostly black (tonal black on black would be great). Dark grey or charcoal would be fine, too. The background should be white.   The pattern is a an Old Maid’s Puzzle variation (or School […]

September Block Lotto

Hello all! Here is The block information for September’s Block lotto. Sweet as honey. The pattern is Knee Socks by Elizabeth Hartman. The pattern can be found HERE. The instructions produce a block that finishes at 24.5 inches (!). A little big, so the requirement for the lotto will be to make only one of the […]


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