March 2018 block lotto

Thanks for your patience in the delay posting this – finally, here are the block lotto instructions for the March 8, 2018 meeting. This month we’re going with a super-simple and strip-friendly block. March 2018 green square block Here’s the basic info: BLUE fabric: need one 2.5” x 2.5” square (any shade or print of fabric as long as it looks blue) for the center GREEN fabric: need 18” total x 2.5”  (any shade or […]

February block lotto – Valentine envelopes

For our February 8, 2018 meeting, let’s make Valentine envelopes for the block lotto! Use the great tutorial here – ignore the parts about making the larger quilt and just follow these directions for a single block. (Of course, you are welcome to make more than one block to increase your odds of winning, though!) Block size: 6.5″ unfinished Colors: you choose – think Valentine’s love notes Bring your blocks along to the February meeting […]

Jan block lotto – tiny trees

Hello MadModders! Here is all the info you need to participate in the block lotto for the January 2018 meeting: FREE tutorial on Diary of a Quilter Small size means you can make a bunch Tutorial makes 2 blocks at a time Let’s use the same color scheme she uses in the tutorial: mainly any green (olive, lime, leaf, pine) with true red and neutrals, small amounts of other colors OK as long as they’re […]

Block lotto – paper piece a kite block

Hello MadModders! Here is all the info you’ll need to make quilt blocks for the November meeting’s Block Lotto: FREE pattern on Craftsy: Kite Block (paper pieced) by Flying Parrot Quilts White, cream or low-volume background and center ORANGE feature fabric(s) – scrappy or all one fabric Blocks will be 4.5″ unfinished size This is a relatively easy paper-piecing pattern, so be BOLD and give it a try. Make sure your printer doesn’t change the scale […]

Block Lotto- We’re seeing stars!

Hey Mad Mod Squad! Trish F is seeing STARS for our October meeting Block Lotto!  This is all you need to know: Blue background Yellow star Any size Any pattern – wonky, traditional, small, large, whatever makes you want to sew! Completed block must be square or rectangle shaped – 90 degree corners. Here are some star quilts from our members for inspriation:   Thank you to everyone who participated in September!  Look at all […]

Block Lotto is Back!

Trish Frankland has step up to bring block lotto back! Kicking off the new block lotto – here is all the info you’ll need to make blocks for the the September 14 meeting. Use this block: Disappearing Four-Patch block, tutorial on YouTube by Missouri Star Quilt Co. – (If you already know how to make a 4-patch, skip ahead to the 3-minute point.) Color scheme:  In honor of the new Pantone color (Love Sign #2, in […]

September Block Lotto – Modern D9P

General guidelines for Quilt Block Lotto: 1. Make one quilt block (or more) following the pattern and color scheme outlined in this post. For every block you make and bring to that month’s meeting, you will get one entry in the lotto. If you are unable to attend the meeting or forget your block on meeting day, but really want to participate in the lotto, you can still enter your block but you must be […]

August Block Lotto – Stashbuster

This lotto block has a nifty tutorial here: Colors are solid slate/dark gray and the rest is anything goes (just try to mix it up as much as possible with a wide variety of colors, both brights and lights, warm and cool, etc.). Great block for using up some scraps! You can construct it as shown with two gray ‘borders’ and the rest colored squares or change it up and do two colored square ‘borders’ […]

July Quilt Block Lotto – Boomerang!

This month’s lotto block is a paper piecing pattern and tutorial provided by Trina Peterson using a nice vintage color palette supplied by Wendy Franczak…thanks, ladies!  If you’ve never tried the paper piecing technique (or maybe never even heard of it!), this one is about as simple as it gets…you can do this! You’ll learn the basics of putting together a block, and maybe even do more than one…who knows, you might just feel empowered […]

June block lotto

Happy June, warm days, summer is here!  No correlation to this month’s color palette, necessarily, I just liked the way everything played together so well in this photo 🙂  Mustard, eggplant, dark navy, and teal. For the block design you get your choice of two, each one a negative of other.  Or, you can do both!  You can even cut and sew and press the 16 smaller square pieces and decide later which way you prefer, because […]